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[sticky post]Fanfic Reading List - 2014/2015
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This is a list of all the stories I intend to read this year. Because I never manage to keep track of anything and forget about what I *do* read. I hope this will allow me to be more organised when it comes to fanfiction. The stories I've read are in green.

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It Would Be Bad For The Fish...
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Stories are public, and so is everything of general interest. The personal stuff is locked.


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GA - streetcar despair
The last time I burst into tears over news was when I heard the sound of the bodies hitting the ground on 9/11. But the attack on Charlie Hebdo feels so much more personal. Because they're my people, and because I grew up reading their irreverent cartoons. Every Wednesday I used to read Cabu's comic Strip in my dad's "Canard Enchainé". I bought several of his books over the years - the man was such a sharp observer of the human nature. I used to sneak into the adult section of the library to read Wolinski's stuff. Their irreverence and good natured blasphemy shaped my belief system, nurtured in me a strong secular rebellious streak. Charlie Hebdo poked fun at everybody: the Pope, Allah, the Dalai Lama, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, they had no boundaries - everybody was fair game. Their cartoons were often outrageous, sometimes extremely rude but also at times very insightful and sharp satires of the ludicrousness of our society. Did I think the magazine crossed the boundaries of good taste? Yes, I often did. But I considered them a relic of the fuck-you attitude of May 68 - and for that I loved them - in the same way you love that scruffy old uncle who makes inappropriate comments at family gatherings. People often talk about freedom of speech, Charlie Hebdo used it for all it was worth.

And they died for it. Because some islamic fascist fucktards thought it would please Allah, who - if I believed in such things - would probably spit in their face.


I only found out about the shooting this morning and cried in my car all the way to work.
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The Fall WIP: In This Valley of Dying Stars
GA - thinking
I will not spoil things for you my over-the-pond friends, since you have to wait mid January for Netflix to air S2 of The Fall.
Let's just say you have two strong, independent, highly qualified female characters: Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson played by Gillian Anderson and the pathologist Professor Reed Smith played by Archie Panjabi.
And let's just say the show set some things in motion between the two of them and then pretty much dropped the ball.
Ergo fanfiction.

 photo Ao3dust.jpg

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Love Your Suit
GA - wink
The Fall is back next Thusday! Woohoo!

Click on the pic to go to my Tumblr for the full article (I thought I might as well start using  the damn thing. It's been gathering dust since I created it).


I do miss our Scully, but Stella turned out to be a very interesting character as well.

Radio Times got lazy and used a Net a Porter photoshoot from last July. Can't blame them, it's a great shot. Wanted to get my hand on that Isa Arfen top but it would cost me £245. I think I'll wait for the sales.
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Oooh Boy.
Cali - Worship

Sorry for those of you who also have the X-Files com on their F-list. You will see this post twice, but I HAD to have this pic on lmy own LJ as well.
She looks so badass, I can't wait for season 2.
And she's wearing a suit. Sniff...
I've almost gotten used to her hair colour now. Almost. Still like her better with shorter hair though.
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X-F- Don't Mess With The Mothership
ETA: forget what I said below. This is not a harmless fic aggregating site as I initially thought . The web owner has apparently been posting more than fanfic, including locked entries, art, and other personal posts from other people. They are also making money out of our stuff because they have advertising on their site.


Please spread around.


Ayup Duckies,

This comment made it to my inbox but not to the comment page of "The Festival" entry where its author had initially tried to post it. Out of fandom solidarity I'm spreading the word. Honestly, though, I don't quite understand why people have got their knickers in such a twist over a fic aggregating site. I knew about it before this warning and thought it was a pretty good idea. Free publicity and all that.

Maybe it's because I've often had my stuff archived here and there without my consent over the years and never minded, or maybe it's because I consider that we, fanfic writers ARE thieves of other people's characters in the first place. Therefore I feel I don't really have much of a leg to stand on to howl about copyright violation and intellectual property.

Anyway, fellow fic writers, it's your choice. Here's the info:

Hello, I wanted to let you know that your LJ is one that is being stolen from by the person running fanfic-journal dot com. It’s how I found my way to you and this particular entry.

Despite multiple people telling them they have no right under CCL or Fair Use or Intellectual Property laws to steal our posts, they refuse to stop. Right now, as me and others dig for the proper way to shut them down, we can only warn people they've stolen from and let you know that you can complain, and they seem to be removing entries.

The thing that is dazzlingly clear is, they aren’t going to stop because they have said that their disbelief in our rights means they have every right to scrape our journals until told to stop by the individual. Most people I have spoken to were completely unaware that this was happening and that someone is generating money off their property. That’s where me and others come in. We’re trying to spread the word as far and wide as we can and it’s working, but more the better, so if you’re willing, by all means, please share this information. You can find more info on my LJ here: if you want.

If you wish to complain you can go here:

Be clear if you do choose to make a complaint. Request they delete all your entries and never copy any more from you and any communities you maintain.

If I can help in anyway, don’t hesitate to contact me via my LJ.

If I’ve already commented on another of your stolen posts, or you already know, my apologies, I don’t mean to be a bother, I just want to be sure no one else is victimized further by this thief.

Best wishes, and sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

The Festival
X-F - End of The World

Rating: PG.
Genre: it's Halloween in 8 days what do you expect?
Timeline: a certain number of years after IWTB.
Initially done for xf_is_love 2014.
Author's notes at the end.

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Emergency Beta Needed.
X-F - I can hear you writin fic
UH! My gift for X-F is love is due 5 days from now. I wrote a short story (1000 word or so). I may need a couple more days to polish up the ending, but like an idiot I haven't thought about the beta side of things. So if anybody has got time to take a quick look to check that I am not being let down by my Pidgin English, it would be great.

What is it about? Mulder & Scully, married with two adorable twins. They live in a nice house in the subburbs.

What? You smell a rat?

You know me too damn well. *evil grin*

Houston We Have XF Love Lift Off
X-F - Get Over Here
Dearest F-List.

You may be just lurking, or busy with URGENT MUST BE DONE TOUT-DE-SUITE (yes this is how you spell it, philistines) Life Stuff. HOWEVER do not forget that you are or were at some point an X-Files fan. This defines and will keep defining you in many small wonderful ways. You will never be able to say "There's no time!" without adding a "Mulder" first. You will never look at a bottle of Iced Tea like average people do, or a bag of sunflower seeds. The words "beige trenchcoat" will always bring a fond smile to your lips. And if you have to buy swimming goggles in Tesco/Wallmart you will pick the Speedo brand, just because. You will always find that singing off key a song about a wine drinking amphibian is the most adorable thing on the planet. You will get warm fuzzies when watching new shows and recognizing actors or writers or producers who once were on the XF - the "family" is still out there, the universe is therefore balanced. okay, maybe that last one is just me...

Anywayyyy... all this to say that X-Files for many of us was, is and keeps being LOVE. And October is the month we celebrate just that. So take a few minutes to come and check out the great stuff this fandom still has to offer, or just have a chat and take a walk down S2 memory lane.

The X-Files is Love Month - October 1-31

Walls, Fists and White Bathrobes.
MoS - Cast
This last episode of Masters of Sex, S02E03 "The Fight" absolutely blew me away. This was no doubt the best character driven episode I've seen on television this decade. And boy, it was SO HAWT! There was one scene in particular, well -- let's just said Spontaneous Human Combustion is an understatement to describe that one. Wait, actually, there were two. Oh. My.

You know that feeling, when you're watching something so perfect, you get goosebumps and your stomach is doing little flips of "Oh my God I can't believe they just went there!" IT WAS LIKE THAT!

And the layers of characterizations, THE LAYERS!!! It was an absolutely outstanding study on what 'getting naked' really means.

Lizzy Caplan and Martin Michael Sheen deserves a truck load of Emmys and Oscars for this performance - a huis clos in a hotel room.

I could write pages and pages of review about this, sadly, Mulder, there's no time.


Why yes, Bill, I liked it very much. Thank you. *lights cigarette*

ETA: Time said the show hit a "narrative G-Spot" and it's exactly what it was.

MoS - Vid Rec.
MoS - Cast
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Paying Respect To Your Elders.
MoS - Cast
Masters of Sex is doing it right. Observe:


Sadly, Mulder and Scully never did a photoshoot like this one:

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Fish Rant - Purity Control
X-F - Your shit my fan
Privacy no longer means a thing on the Internet. Whatever you do on the web can and is monitored, controlled, analyzed, categorized and easily referenced. Describing yourself as a 'private person' means shit if you're online. The platforms we use know exactly who we are, our likes, dislikes, where we travel, how long we stayed there, how many siblings we have, if we're on speaking terms with them, the state of our love life, our political and religious leanings, etc... and soon with those connected watches and eye-wear, Google, Apple & co will know our heart rate, sleep patterns and physical health as well.

But it's all in the name of progress, for the good of mankind, right?


I am old enough to remember the cold war, my parents were in their late teens during WW2 and my uncle was involved in atomic matters. As a kid I thought I would never make it to my 18th birtday because a nuclear war was going to kill us all. My dear brother kept telling me so, and I worshipped him. So, of course, I believed him. I was going to take refuge inside the well in the cellar, I had it all planned out.

Of course, the world didn't end, but I guess growing up this way meant I never took peace for granted the way people do in our part of the world. I studied French collaboration with Nazi Germany, 'normal' people settling scores with their neighbours, selling each other over minor feuds. Can you imagine WW2 with Twitter and Facebook? "I didn't know Mrs. Martin had so many nephews! The littlle darlings are real shy and won't get out of the house, though." (Pierre Laval likes this)

If the shit ever hits the fan again, it will be real easy for a modern Vichy government to get rid of the voices of dissent. Because they'll know exactly where to find us.

And yet, when Edward Snowden revealed the extent of government spying on all of us, the world barely shrugged. Our government's Big Brother ways were nowhere as scary as the lethargy of the public response. Google and Facebook are monitoring everything I type and the government has acess to all of it? Whatever.

They may have access but they can't control what we say or think just yet, although they are giving it their best shot, things still filter through. For example everybody knows these days that Monsanto and the FDA do not have the general public's health or best interests in mind, in spite of their million dollars advertising campaigns.The Internet made this possible.

The Internet, this big, unruly, chaotic machine that brings out the worst and the best in us. It also makes one hell of a case for freedom of speech. Like minded people can fight for Just Causes together, raise funds for charity together, it brings information and comfort to millions of souls all over the world. And the great thing is, no corporation or government has control over it. Yet.

It might change though.

In America, cable companies are in the process of hatching an Evil Plan (TM) to control the web. This is how it starts guys. Please inform yourself.

End of rant.
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Masters of Pretzels
The Fall - Stella
Season 2 of Masters of Sex, which, in my opinion, was hands down the best new show to grace our screens last year, starts tonight. If you have Firefox with the Adblock Plus addon, to get rid of all those pesky ads and pop ups, you can watch it on Just google it.


Just watching the trailer gave me little butterflies I haven't experienced since S3 of the X-Files. That show is gorgeous, the fashion of that time period is gorgeous, Lizzy Caplan is fucking magnificent (and is nominated for an Emmy, because even those old coots can't ignore that much talent) Martin Sheen is a tad short but so intense. Beau Bridges and Alisson Janney are superb. Caitlin Fitzgerald looks like Grace Kelly. And all this wonderful cast plays wonderfully complex characters with great story arcs. If there is ONE show you should catch up with this year, it's this one. Forget it was given the worst show title in history of televison, and give a go to what is without a doubt the most feminist high profile show on screen.

Isn't this cover strangely familiar?
They're work partners too, you know... *grins*

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Stuff You Should Watch: The 100
The Fall - Stella

The 100 CW TV Show

Months ago I watched the Pilot and promptly dismissed this show as the new Revolution, Terra Nova and similar sci-fi series, i.e. the ones full of improbably good looking and bland youth with the acting abilities of the mould behind my fridge - paper thin plots, soapy romance and really cheesy pseudo sci-fi attempts.

Then I read one too many praises on TV Com and thought I'd give it another go. I suffered through the Pilot again and the second episode and then, well, it got better, much, much better.

100 kids, who comitted various felonies on a giant space station that was built after a nuclear war destroyed life on Earth - are sent back down to find out if life is possible there.

The start of the show is like any other teen show on telly. There's the clever blonde kid, the rebel teen, the dark and tortured kid, the funny kid...etc. But then people start dying left right and centre, on the planet which is not as empty as they thought - on the space station, where people are running out of air and hard choices have to be made.

Man, that show gets dark and brutal real fast. This is more Hunger Games or BSG  than Twilight, let me tell you. You think things are going to turn out for the best, because on these type of shows, that's how it goes except that here, the cavalry doesn't always arrive in time, when it arrives at all.

The 100 is a bit of a wolf in teen's clothing.

The characters are layered and well crafted, both adults and teens. People you hated at the start grow on you and the 'bad guys' have good reasons for acting the way they do.

Yes, there are teen love triangles because hey, this is the CW network after all, but the romantic shennanigans pretty much come second to the need to survive in a hostile environment.

There are a few familiar faces, the chap who played Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica - in more or less the same role. "Dr. Burke" from Grey's Anatomy runs the station. "sierra" from Dollhouse plays a "grounder" leader.

It's not perfect, far from it, some plot lines could do with not being there such as some of the teen romance stuff, but for what it is or trying to be, it's pretty good.

Yay! Rewatch!
X-F- Don't Mess With The Mothership

Mini-rewatch June 21-27

"Live Journal is not dead Scully, I will prove it to you."
"You can ply me with beer all you want, Mulder. I still need proof."

Scully in 155: Rewired.
The Fall - Stella
I was rummaging around my stuff, and realised I never got round to posting this little thing I wrote for scully_fest on my own LJ. Better late than never, uh? You can also listen to it because the wonderful idella recorded an anthology of all the 'Scully in 155' written for this challenge.

This scene takes place after Wetwired, where Scully accused Mulder of having killed her sister.



The chill of the stone seeps through her gloved hand. She leaves it there. She deserves that cold. Her body should be the one still and decaying in that hole in the ground. She shouldn't be the warm one.

I miss you.

She doesn't say it out loud but the words fill her head. The emotion they carry take too much space within her chest. She breathes in deeply, painfully. Some visits are easier than others.

A warm hand closes on her shoulder.

She straightens up but does not turn around.

“I didn't mean what I said,” she tells him.

“I know. That's all right, Scully.”

No. None of this is all right. Her paranoid meltdown gave voice to the ugly things between them they never address. He didn't pull the trigger. Neither did she, and yet -

Her hand leaves the tombstone.

She catches his arm. “Let's go home, Mulder.”


Feathering My A03 Nest
The Fall - Stella
Just to say that after years of saying I was going to do it, I've finally started uploading my fics on A03.

Thanks to namarie24 who IIRC gave me an invite back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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This Is The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius
Cali - Worship
ETA: hate this new LJ, This post is all wonky, I deleted and repasted to no avail, the end of the post is still messed up, with tags over the main posts and comments link in the wrong place. Plus, it is incredibly sluggish on my old laptop.


Hey, DD is going to be in a new show (thanks wendelah1 for the info):

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My Home Library Meme
X-F - Reading
Pilfered from xfdryad
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The Fall - Stella
YES! I'm still alive! I've just been really, really, REALLY crazy busy at work. So sorry for the lengthy radio silence. I want to post tons of stuff about fandom but have to settle with the stuff that really left a lasting impression for now, starting with Gillian's HuffPost foot in mouth AttractionGate ( wasn't it GLORIOUS?), Game of Thrones (NEW SEASON!!! Oberyn Martel, hmmmm....*blinks* What?)  and all the great and often very funny stuff that is being made around it.



I got totally hooked on Podcasts while driving to work - which almost makes up for having to let my very old and very loved BlackBerry rest in peace *sniffs*. So, yeah, new phone, which means access to apps, including Pocket Casts which is so worth the couple of quids I had to fork for it.

If you haven't been listening to Welcome to Night Vale, YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BORN AS IT IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO RADIO SINCE ORSON WELLS' WAR OF THE WORLDS. Pure unadulterated sci-fi geek heaven, a bit like if HP Lovecraft and Stephen King built a town after Twin Peaks blueprints. Night Vale is where Mulder and Scully should retire.



Just saying.

What are you guys up to? What did I miss? Who's the new Ship in town?

And just because I really dig Not Literally since I found out about them (which is probably months after all of you Tumblr and Twitter kids did), I shall embed this vid as well (not the original, but I find this version better):

Dude, our dialect is becoming So Mainstream *insert insufferable world weary old fan eyeroll*
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I Want You To Do Me A Favor.
The Fall - Stella
It's not negotiable. Either you do it or I ...well, I'm not sure yet but flukes or men called Eugene maybe involved. You understand?

Please, take a minute to head to scully_fest which celebrates Scully's 50th birthday (Fifty! Can you believe it?) and help keep this fandom alive. Fellow fans have begun posting great gifts and there is a really nostalgic rewatch under way. So how about just dropping by, even if it's just to leave the first lines of "Joy To The World" in a comment box, uh?

Go To Her.
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Emma Pwns the Globes
Cali - Worship
I know I'm a week late but I had to have this on my LJ. I've always loved Emma Thompson, she is so exquisitely British. I worshipped Sense and Sensibility when I was at uni and then went on to see every movie where she had a lead role - though I have to admit I missed quite a few since. Thompson has class, the genuine kind - and yet still manages to exudes so much human warmth and simplicity. She can also be very, very funny, as in here:

Damn right, ditch those Louboutins Emma. They're French shoes for tourists anyhoo. You want the real deal, get a pair of Roger Vivier (says the woman who mostly wears hiking boots).

And while we're at it, go listen to the NPR interview she did for Saving Mr. Banks. Why oh why does Gillian never gets interviews like these? You know the ones with clever insightful questions done by a journalist who knows his subject, rather than some moron asking for the nth time, if GA is British or American and try to make her uncomfortable with questions about her love life? (looking at you Jonathan Ross)


X-F - Shoes

Can you believe this? Our Fearsome Flying Squirrel is turning 50 this year!

tree and wendelah1 have created scully_fest to give our favourite redhead the birthday she deserves.

Scully Fest: 14-23 February 2014

After the sucess of xf_santa, it is clear that all the fandom needs to stay alive is for people to keep showing up to events like this one, if only to say "Happy Birthday Scully!"
And just in case you lack motivation, Krycek said he could help you with that. He's got a chair, a roll of duct tape and a DVD of Shapes, Space and Tesos Dos Bichos in a twelve hours loop.

Just sayin'...

South of the Lake
X-F - Gunmen


Rating: PG
Summary: The Gunmen go to Area 51.
Timeline: Season 5. Somewhere between Christmas Carol/Emily and All Souls.
Word Count: 4000.
Disclaimer: Frohike said it was okay to use him in any way I wanted. I don't think this is what he had in mind.
Thanks: to samincittagazze for kicking my pidgin English's ass into shape. And to wendelah1 for being the fastest beta gunslinger west of Washington. You guys rule.

Written as a gift to discordantwords for xf_santa 2013.

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Mad Skillz
X-F - End of The World

Tis my current wallpaper. I pilfered it from Tumblr (where else?).


Oh, them, them and their adorable height difference. *sigh*

Where can I learn to make pics look like that? The pics on Tumblr always look of such high quality and the colours are always so crisp. How do people achieve this? The show wasn't in HD, so when I take a screenshot on VLC, all I get are grainy pics that no amount of tweaking can make better - or can you? I probably ain't tweaking right.
I'd love to find a decent tutorial on the subject. I use both Photoshop and Gimp.

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End of Year TV Meme.
The Fall - Stella
Because my fried brain needs a short break from my X-f Santa assignment.

Lots and lots of telly...Collapse )

Pass Me The Red Licorice.
The Fall - Stella
It was "Jacksonville" that did it. After trying twice to get into Fringe and failing miserably, I had another go earlier this month. This time I bypassed most of S1 and went straight for the season finale. "There's More Than One of Everything" and its final shot of alternate New York was sufficiently impressive to keep me watching S2. But it wasn't until "Jacksonville" that I really got into the show.

Guys, you were right. It might have started as a poor man's X-Files, but this show definitely found a voice of its own in the later seasons. I am about to start watching the last two eps of S3 and the parallel universes storyline ticks all my sci-fi fangirl boxes.

Also there is a narrative consistency about the emotional impact events are having on the characters from both side that makes me want to take Chris Carter by the scruff of the neck, shove his face in front of the screen and shout "LOOK. THIS is how it's done."

And I didn't care much for Anna Torv at first, but her portrayal of the two Olivias, not to mention William Bell deserves respect.

I didn't really ship Peter and Olivia, until Olivia, all shaken and sad and insecure made that speech about how her counterpart was less damaged than she was and therefore must have been more attractive to Peter. She broke my heart there and then and I agreed she had to get the boy. The shot of these two climbing the staircase made me very happy.

Walter and Astrid crack me up. I could watch them all day.

Well done show. I'm in.

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President Bartlet Would Never Have Allowed This.
X-F - End of The World
Got this on my Facebook feed this morning and it cracked me up so much I thought I'd share.
"How the Media Will Report The Apocalypse."

In early 2014, a series of devastating catastrophes bring about Armageddon. Papers of record like the New York Times soberly report this news.

The Guardian tries to provide comprehensive live coverage of the end of days.

And that's just the beginning.

And Now For a Little Levity - Mostly.
Cali - Worship
While I was looking for vids the other day, I found this. It made me smile. Ergo I'm sharing.

This is part 1:

"Partial Rats Body Parts" never failed to crack me up!

Part 2Collapse )

Talking about vids have you ever seen the 'Scully POV - Matches to Paper Dolls' one?

As I said in the raving feedback I just left I never thought *anything* could sum up the show as brilliantly as Giandujakiss did with "Hell of a Place" (see my previous vid thread for links). But this one does. It is a perfect depiction of the damaged push and pull mess that is the Mulder and Scully relationship. I am in absolute awe. Thanks idella for rec'ing this. My I.O.U list is getting longer. *g*

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It Can't Be Bad For This Fish
The Fall - Stella

LOOK! GA & FISH! AH AH AH AH AH!!! Oh, boy. This HAS got to be a good omen.

Looks like I found the picture I'm gonna stick on the cross trainer at the gym. Those abs...

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Drift of Eastern Gray
The Fall - Stella



SPOILERS: all things, FTF, Field Trip.

DISCLAIMER: You're no longer using them, Chris, and they're just too pretty to die.

SUMMARY: My take on what happened after Scully fell asleep in 'all things'.

"Is this a follow up to your epiphany?"Collapse )

Let's Talk About Vids Baby
The Fall - Stella
Ayup Duckies.

So , while I've been busy coughing my lungs out, I've also gone all nostalgic for all the wonderful things the X-F fandom has given us over the years. Could be the paracetamol, or the aspirin, or this weird cough syrup that smells like pine bark dipped in Lysol. Whatever... today I'm sharing my favourite XF vids. Vids are not something I look for or watch on a regular basis. I usually find out about them when people rec them and since I've been in this fandom for about seventeen years (eeek!) it must mean I've seen quite a few.

Below are some of my favourites. I hope you'll share yours.

Moving Pictures...Collapse )
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Drive By Posting
The Fall - Stella
I'm grinning like an idiot because I just had a look at the list of people who signed up this year for xf_santa.
Oooh boy, this is a fine vintage this year, there are a few people on that list I'd love to have for Santa.

Anyway, if you haven't yet you still have two days to join (says the woman who usually avoids these sort of things like the plague - I don't do deadlines). Your Fandom Needs You.

The X-Files gift exchange for the holidays, signups end November 25!

Also if anyone knows where to find "all things" HD screencaps, or how to improve the quality of a screen capture, it would make my dustjacket making life much easier and less prone to copious amount of cursing in several languages.
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This & That.
X-F- Don't Mess With The Mothership
Hi guys,

I'm having issue with my yahoo account at the moment, it no longer does POP3, so I've got to use a web browser instead of my usual Thunderbird client which is a pain in the back side, so please bear with me if I owe you mail.

You gotta check out this site. It's just fab.

I wrote my first Scandal review on TV Com and it's been trending nicely. It was a hoot to write and I definitely let my fangirl freak flag fly high, but it took forever. I wish I were a faster writer! Augh!!!

I just saw the trailer for Maleficent. It will probably be overhyped CGI rubbish but Angelina Jolie's voice gave me goosebumps. Admit it, her costume alone is swoonworthy.

I can't wait to go see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire with samincittagazze. Guys, if you haven't read the books, you should. They're way creepier than what you see on screen.

Also, I highly recommend a book I read two weeks ago that will be out in January (the perks of having a retired journalist for a friend) The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey. I  just could not put it down and I mean that: I even took it with me to the Victoria & Albert museum and would sit down on various benches and sofas so I could read "just a few more lines".  The narrative voice was so unique. It deals with a very familiar post apocalyptic concept but flips it completely on its head and it is utterly brilliant. The style is deceptively simple. Must read.

I still haven't seen Gravity. I guess this is something that *has* to be seen on the big screen.

My post ep 'all things' fic, which is (for now) titled Drift of Eastern Gray is now finished and should be up in the weeks to come. It was more tricky than I thought it would be, mostly because there are a gazillion of fics that deal with that very topic so it was an "avoid the tired cliche" kind of exercise and I 'm not sure I entirely succeeded. Anyway...even if it ends up sucking, the positive outcome of all this is that the M&S residing in my head are wide awake and won't shut up now, so I have a couple more things on the back burner and I iz preeetty happy about that. :)

American Horror Story: Coven is outrageously bonkers and rather fabulous. Katy Bates, Angela Basset and Jessica Lange, chew the scenery like there is no tomorrow. It's like having The Cirque Du Soleil With Witches every week in your living room. Best new show of the year along with Masters of Sex. Pretty gruesome though, so you may need to avoid if you are of fragile disposition.

So,  Masters of Sex: horrid, lurid title but great show that regularly makes my inner feminist do "YAY!" air punch fists. Yes, some of it is about the science of sexuality but it is especially about gender roles in the 50's. Plus, it has those Mad Men esthetics that are simply gorgeous. Just saying, don't let the title put you off. Oh and Allison Janey of West Wing fame, our beloved C.J. is in it and wait for it: her character name is MARGARET SCULLY!!! I kid you not.

I asked for fics recs by new authors on Haven and have compiled a list of all the stuff people have rec'ed me. My aim was to thoroughly go through them all and try not to be such a dismissive, scathing bitch as I usually am. I am only three stories down the list and I have already given up on my "read the whole thing" idea. I mean if the recs were all short fics I would, but some of the stuff on my list are 50 000 words long and let me tell you, those could do with 40 000 less words. Also I did specify "no mush" and still ended up with Mills & Boons style exchanges, where M&S spend lengthy portions of the story explaining their feels to each other a la "Touchstone" speech - which some of you may know I have few kind words for (understatement of the century) . The sad thing is that one of these author has a real knack for descriptions but can't write Mulder and Scully for shit. Oh well, I guess if anything, it will give me good idea of what's up in the XF fic world.

Let's hope the rest of the list fares better. Sofar the writer I'm really, really impressed with is Discordia. Go read all her stuff. Her voice is great.

And that's about it for now.

Oh dear, I'm trending.
The Fall - Stella
Finding places to hangout when you start caring for a new show is hard. It seems that places like Haven or the LJ xf_book_club are the exception rather than the rules now that everybody and their dogs have moved on to Twitter and Tumblr. Yes, I do enjoy pretty gifs and cool links as much as the next person, but dude, where are the WORDS???

So recently I've begun hanging out on TV Com and posting comments here and there. They have a newish "community" feature that allow fans to post and comment on their favourite show.

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X-F- Don't Mess With The Mothership
I found out about THIS:


Can I find this in the UK and if so where?

Seriously guys, I never thought I'd see those two together on a cover ever again.
*sniff* I got somethin' in mah eye.

American Horror Story - Coven
X-F - Bait
OMG! Angela Bassett, Jessica Lange and Katy Bates on the same screen. Another bonkers season in perspective for AHS. I can't wait.

The Return of The Son of A Telly Watching Fish
X-F - Continuity
So what's new in the wonderful word of telly?

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Stuff You Should Watch: Scandal
The Fall - Stella
Minor Spoilers
"It looks like you don't screw your wife."

And this, my dear F-list, is the first advice Olivia Pope, then media relation consultant gives Fitzgerald Grant III, then Republican candidate to the presidency of the United States.

Then she fixes his marriage, so he can become POTUS. He does.

ATTHS - obviously.

Welcome to the deliciously twisted world of Scandal, Shonda Rhimes' new show, or what would happen if The West Wing divided its IQ by half and decided to exploit the soapiest elements of its seasons.

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La Musique Adoucit Les Moeurs - Gurl Powah.
The Fall - Stella
For those of youse who ain't speaking Frog, it's a saying: "music softens behaviours"

erries posted about Laura Marling recently (see my previous post on this singer) - and it made me want to dedicate my next entry to music. Yes, I do have lots and lots of very important things to do, emails to write, work to plan, house to clean..etc. Kindly fuck off for the day my adult self.

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The Fall - minor spoileration.
X-F - Frohike Win

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Bath of Thrones - Come On Baby Light My Wildfire....
The Fall - Stella
Uhm, oh, yeah...spoilaahs...

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Quick question
X-F - Umbrella
Can you guys see the vids on my previous post?

Because when I opened the page this morning to reply to comments they just did not show. :/

The Return of The Son of A Telly Watching Fish
The Fall - Stella

I think I'm just going to stop apologizing for my sporadic presence on Live Journal and for not staying in touch as much as I would like to. My job is a total timesuck; I'm not a big user of social networks - I only use Twitter to know how deep the snow is in the city where I work. My email box is a jumbled mess which I always intend to sort out...manana. That's just the way it is.

Just know that I miss you all and that I do lurk and read your posts even if I don't always comment.

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ZOMBIES ON THE NHS - Partially Deceased but local!!!
The Fall - Stella
I just watched the first ep of "In The flesh" on BBC3 and I'm very impressed. If like me, you've been bored by The Walking Dead of late, give this a go, it's a really interesting take on your typical zombie story.

What if zombies could be brought back to their more or less normal human state by taking daily injections? How would their families react when they came back? How would they cope with the side effects of the drug they had to take to prevent them from chomping on people's brains? How would the local militia, hell bent on destroying "rotters" handle their return?

Trust me get your mits on this. Here are a few streaming links for you US dwellers. Click on Gorillavid or Vidbull.

Telly Fish.
The Fall - Stella
Watch Homeland. I gave it another go and it really deserves all the Emmys it got last year. Carrie is absolutely flawed and fabulous.

Anybody watching House of Cards? I hear good things.

Can't wait for Game of Thrones season 3. Diana Rigg plays the Queen of Thorns = fangirl heaven.

When the fuck is The Fall with GA airing?

"Vikings" on the history channel is not bad.

I've rewatched the entire Star Wars series. There's so much wood in the Phantom Menace I could build a wardrobe. As for the original Star Wars (which I will NEVER call A New Hope or episode VI even if the Spanish Inquisition questions me for a year.) I'd love to find a link to that fan remake, the one where a guy took the HD version and de-Lucas-crappified it to restore it as close to the original as possible, since Lucas won't let us have the films in their original versions without all the bells and whistles he added afterwards. Han shot first damnit!

The first two Star Wars movies are still as wonderful as I remembered, even with the unnecessary added special effect paloosa. The acting is light years away from the prequels. It's fun, it's got great dialogues, the Han/Leia ship is so hot! What a shame the franchise was so badly fucked up afterwards. Even the Ewoks are palatable after JarJar Binks.

Skyfall bored the crap out of me. I have no idea why this overblown self referential snooze fest
got the success it did. The villain was utterly ridiculous and so not scary. I'm done with you Mr. Bond, you failed to entertain me since Casino Royal.

Fans are chipping in for a kickstarter campaign to remake Veronica Mars? How cool is this? Whedon says he's too busy with Avengers to do the same with Firefly. Joss, you're an idiot. (Yup I fell asleep twice during the Avengers, I still don't know how it ends, and frankly I'm not interested to find out.) As for Nathan Fillon: Castle or Mal? I'll shoot the first one who hesitates. I mean, seriously?

I watch The Following, which has a good concept but is full of flaws and wants to be more clever than it can afford to be. TV Com thrashes it on a weekly basis and deservedly so. I keep hoping it will get better.

Zero Hour got cancelled after two eps. Shame, it sounded quite fun. It had Nazi demon babies. *pouts*

Once Upon a Time is still fabulous. This is one series that grows better and more complex with each passing episode. And God, I know I'm a total Tom boy but DID YOU SEE SNOW WHITE'S MOM RED DRESS? It was so gorgeous I nearly fainted.

I want to start watching the Vampire Diaries because I hear the storyline gets good. I watched two eps and it's as bad as watching Twilight. Can I skip and move to the good stuff? Where is the good stuff?

American Horror Story: Asylum was too creepy for words. Utterly bonkers but brilliant and unlike anything else on television.

Anything else good I'm not watching?

The Dark Side of The Force.
X-F - Giggle
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Cali - Worship
Or at least it's how it felt like. Look, even if you've never watched that show, just watch this episode "The Final Frontier" which is a most hilarious hommage to sci-fi geekdom.



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