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memories_child posted a link to this Teen Vogue Article on Twitter, "How One Girl Learned About Sex From Harry Potter Fan Fiction"

I had a little flag waving rant about it:

This may not be why I write, but I am proud our fanfiction communities help educate young people on sexual behaviours, help them develop a positive, empowering sexuality free of taboo. Men have porn, women have fanfiction and through this medium has emerged an incredible support system. Women helping women. Women educating women. Fanfiction counteracts the female objectification and humiliation found in male-oriented porn. Fanfiction creates safe spaces for minorities and marginalized groups. It gives them representation. It gives them a voice.

Fanfiction is our fucking shout that: THIS IS HOW WE LIKE SEX. THIS IS HOW WE LOVE.

Words have power. They’re our weapons against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, bi-phobia, misogyny, bigotry and plain old ignorance.

This is our quiet revolution.

Watch us write.
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The Good Wife - Kalinda & The Florricks


Peter & Grace.
I always wanted to explore the relationship between Kalinda and the various members of the Florrick family.
 Here are two “missing scenes”.
One with Peter, on how Kalinda ended up working for the State's Attorney's office and what happened between her and Peter.
And one with Grace, taking place after Kalinda found her in the church with Jimmy Patrick in 3X10 - Parenting Made Easy.
Alicia & Zach will be added later.web statistics
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The Good Wife - Sun


After writing Huis Clos, I didn't feel like I had addressed everything I wanted. It felt more like an introduction into my exploration of Kalicia. I wanted to try my hand at writing a Kalinda POV, I wanted to write a back story for her. I could have written a different story, but I liked what I had started to build between these two.
The title of course is a reference to Kalinda's name, which means "Sun" in Hindi.
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The Good Wife - Huis Clos

Huis Clos

The Sequel to "Graveyard Shifts", where I dig deeper into the Kalicia relationship. I absolutely loved writing this story. I was partly inspired by the episode of Masters of Sex - "Fight", where the characters spend the day in a hotel room and where sex is used as a way to peel away all the layers of unsaid things between them. Okay, I also wanted these two to have great sex, eh. I am currently finishing a sequel to that sequel, where I begin to tackle Kalinda's back story -- well, my headcanon of it, at any rate. I really should have made this a WIP, but I have a terrible track record with finishing those.

I also wanted to say that I am blessed with two terrific betas for this story and the others: schwarmerei1 and orangeandlemons who are also brilliant writers in their own right. If you haven't read their stories, you should.
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The Good Wife - Graveyard Shifts


My second TGW fic and first attempt at femslash and Kalicia. I could not let their story end with 6X22, but were they going to 'talk' to me?
I thought I had Alicia pretty much figured out, but Kalinda was trickier because she communicates mostly with her eyes, and says very little. I followed schwarmerei1's advice which had been given to her by threeguesses: write the dialogue, cut in half what Kalinda says and then cut it again. Since I work in layers, starting with a skeleton frame, I quickly realised that all I had to do was the opposite: leave Kalinda's lines as they were without adding to it and concentrate on her body language instead.
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The Good Wife - Heliotropes


My first TGW fanfic.
I wasn't feeling quite ready to tackle Kalicia, so instead I wrote an Alicia X Cary story, where both characters deal with Kalinda's departure. Just for the record, I don't ship this pairing. I started to write them, they decided to behave badly and I let them. *grins*

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The last time I burst into tears over news was when I heard the sound of the bodies hitting the ground on 9/11. But the attack on Charlie Hebdo feels so much more personal. Because they're my people, and because I grew up reading their irreverent cartoons. Every Wednesday I used to read Cabu's comic Strip in my dad's "Canard Enchainé". I bought several of his books over the years - the man was such a sharp observer of the human nature. I used to sneak into the adult section of the library to read Wolinski's stuff. Their irreverence and good natured blasphemy shaped my belief system, nurtured in me a strong secular rebellious streak. Charlie Hebdo poked fun at everybody: the Pope, Allah, the Dalai Lama, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, they had no boundaries - everybody was fair game. Their cartoons were often outrageous, sometimes extremely rude but also at times very insightful and sharp satires of the ludicrousness of our society. Did I think the magazine crossed the boundaries of good taste? Yes, I often did. But I considered them a relic of the fuck-you attitude of May 68 - and for that I loved them - in the same way you love that scruffy old uncle who makes inappropriate comments at family gatherings. People often talk about freedom of speech, Charlie Hebdo used it for all it was worth.

And they died for it. Because some islamic fascist fucktards thought it would please Allah, who - if I believed in such things - would probably spit in their face.


I only found out about the shooting this morning and cried in my car all the way to work.
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The Fall WIP: In This Valley of Dying Stars

I will not spoil things for you my over-the-pond friends, since you have to wait mid January for Netflix to air S2 of The Fall.
Let's just say you have two strong, independent, highly qualified female characters: Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson played by Gillian Anderson and the pathologist Professor Reed Smith played by Archie Panjabi.
And let's just say the show set some things in motion between the two of them and then pretty much dropped the ball.
Ergo fanfiction.

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